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Standard Service

Our standard service includes support in all a company’s legal matters. The service consists of free telephone advice and discounted invoicing. Our work always begins with understanding our client’s business activities and operating environment so we can directly address the core of a problem. There is no need for an entrepreneur to lose sleep when a phone call to a lawyer will solve the problem.

The price of the Standard Service is scaled to your needs and the size of your company, and it is agreed in advance. However, it is more affordable than the Partnership. 


Our partnership service comprises consultancy in legal and contractual matters by phone and email. We will draft contacts for you, and we will also review and comment on your existing contracts. The partnership service is your support in routine legal matters.

The price of the service is scaled to your needs and the size of your company, and it is agreed in advance.

We commence all fixed contract periods with a free personal visit to your company. We want to get to know you and your business because the better we know you, the more effectively we can serve you. When we are familiar with ae client’s business activities and operating environment, in a future consultation we can go straight to the heart of an issue or problem. Our partnership service provides you with access not only to all the knowhow of our law offices, but also to a specific lawyer designated as your right-hand man. 


The Pyroll Group owned by my family has been collaborating with Almgren & Sankamo since 1992. We’ve been through many changes during that time: two recessions, we have bought and sold companies, our company and number of personnel have both grown to many times their original size, we have expanded internationally, and our net sales have increased significantly to reach their current level of EUR 100 million.

In changing situations, the threshold for turning to a lawyer for help must be low. Each entrepreneur should have a designated lawyer who knows his or her customer well and can quickly provide help. I believe that our cooperation has also helped Almgren & Sankamo to grow and develop, and to learn new expertise and gain perspective as a manager for the legal affairs of a rapidly-growing family company and as a provider of support for the entrepreneur.

Cooperation with Almgren & Sankamo has been very important for us. I recommend them. 


Reino Uusitalo
Pyroll Group Oy

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