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Administrative matters


We offer a broad spectrum of services relating to administrative law. Our extensive experience has demonstrated that when problems relating to administrative law arise, they are best addressed by enlisting professional. Since the administrative process is mainly in written format, an official decision or court ruling is mainly based on written evidence. If a lawyer drafts the application, reports and other documents on behalf of a client, the opportunity for a successful outcome greatly improves. Almgren & Sankamo offers its clients precisely targeted assistance with applications and complaints. We will assist you in dealing with officials and in legal proceedings in the administrative court.



Taxation issues, such as applications for advance decisions or preliminary rulings for tax planning purposes, are a key element of our activities. The taxation issues we handle include inheritance and gift tax arising from generational change in a family-owned company, capital gains tax and asset transfer tax.


Building permission and city planning

Matters subject to Finland’s Land Use and Building Act are our special area of expertise. We will provide expert assistance with planning permission, building permits and other licensing issues.


Appeals against official decisions

We provide diversified and tailored services for assisting our clients in appealing official decisions.


Do not hesitate! Contact Almgren & Sankamo’s experts for help in matters relating to administrative law.

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