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Chairman of the Board, Partner, LL.M.
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Ville Mielonen

Mr Mielonen has acted for the firm as legal counsel in business law since 2009. He graduated from the University of Helsinki (LL.M.) in 2011. He has also held a Master of Theology degree from the University of Helsinki since 2005.

He serves mainly small and medium-sized enterprises operating both in Finland and internationally. His customers’ business sectors range from the pulp & paper industry to logistics, healthcare and technology companies. He also advises newly established companies about their investments and operations in Finland.

His main practice areas are contracts, mergers & acquisitions, employment law and insolvency law.

He also represents clients in Finnish courts and in arbitration tribunals.

Our values

Customer-focus and efficiency

All our activities are centred on the customer’s interests. We react to changing circumstances promptly, cost-effectively and successfully. We smooth the way for our customers to breathe easily and focus on their core competences. 

High quality

We offer expert services of the highest quality to achieve lasting solutions for our clients. We invest in continuous development of our professional expertise in order to ensure the high quality of our services. 

Professional ethics

We serve ethically, fully appreciating the trust that clients place in us. Our clients know they will always receive our professional, punctual and honest opinion and proposed solutions in all situations. 

Perintäkarhut debt collection agency

Collection agency Perintäkarhut, operating in collaboration with Almgren & Sankamo Law Offices, possesses more than 30 years’ experience in debt collection activities. We address the client’s individual needs and on this basis choose the best means for collecting outstanding payments in a professional manner. Our clients include both companies and private persons.

Our services include; contentious claims, legal proceedings, protection of claims, seizures, damages, forced evictions, and collection outside Finland.