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Econet Oy

Almgren & Sankamo was the legal advisor of the MBO team when Econet Ltd was sold in an MBO transaction on the 12th of August 2021. Econet designs and builds water treatment and wastewater treatment plants for industrial customers around the world and for municipal customers in Finland. Econet’s net sales in 2020 was about 9.6 M€. A vast majority of company’s net sales comes from Russia

Pyroll Group Oy

“My family owns Pyroll Group, and we’ve been cooperating with Almgren & Sankamo since 1992. During that time, we’ve been through huge changes. We’ve experienced two recessions, bought and sold companies, and moved into completely new sectors. Our company has grown exponentially, we’ve expanded internationally, multiplied the number of our personnel, and boosted our turnover to its current level of over 100 million euros.

In such changing circumstances, the threshold for enlisting a lawyer must be low. Each entrepreneur should have a designated lawyer who knows his client well and can quickly provide assistance. I believe that through our cooperation Almgren & Sankamo has also grown and developed, gained new expertise and useful experience of handling the legal affairs of a rapidly-growing family business and of supporting an entrepreneur. For us, our cooperation with Almgren & Sankamo has been especially important. I recommend them.”

Reino Uusitalo, Industry Advisor, Pyroll Group Oy

Delipap Oy

A problem-solver in the positive sense that gets things done.

Delipap Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures hygiene products geared to the needs of all family members. Delipap started operating in the 1970s. The company is best known for its Vuokkoset sanitary products for women, Muumi Baby diapers, Helmi hygiene products, and Harmony cleaning products. With customers in over 20 countries Delipap’s customers are found all over the world, not just in Finland. Oskari Nuortie, Delipap Oy’s Vice President, names continental Europe and South Korea as the company’s largest export regions.

Delipap started cooperating with Almgren & Sankamo because of a customer recommendation. This cooperation has been successful and has now lasted for 15 years. Almgren & Sankamo assist Delipap Oy with both domestic contracts and issues relating to export agreements. Delipap has also received advice from Almgren on general legislation, amendments to laws, decree-related issues, and normal personnel matters. “Almgren & Sankamo provides valuable support in our decision-making, and we’re always happy to ask their advice. The law firm gives us a different perspective on an issue, so we can see it through a lawyer’s eyes. Otherwise we might approach it ourselves purely from the business perspective,” sums up Oskari Nuortie, Delipap Oy’s Vice President.

In Oskari Nuortie’s opinion, Almgren & Sankamo do their work exceptionally well. “All their activities are praiseworthy, because each assignment is taken over the goal line in a committed manner. They get to the root of the client’s problem and commit to solving it, so you can rest assured the matter is in capable hands.” Oskari points out that Almgren & Sankamo do not let the grass grow under their feet, but handle an assignment quickly and put the client’s needs first. Sometimes something crops up as a complete surprise, so a rapid reaction is needed. “Almgren & Sankamo has a broad spectrum of expertise and knowhow, so they can assist in a wide range of matters. If the designated lawyer cannot respond fully, another lawyer in their office certainly can.”

Oskari Nuortie, Vice President, Delipap Oy

Saintex Oy

In the opinion of Saintex Oy’s CEO Susanna Blomqvist, Almgren & Sankamo provided valuable cooperation that put the client’s wishes in first place. “It’s been a pleasure to work with them because they react so quickly to every need, and also express even complex industry jargon in clear Finnish. Their professionalism and expertise is evident in everything they do, and that makes it easy to work with them.”

Susanna Blomqvist, CEO, Saintex Oy

Cursor Oy

Cursor Oy offers business advice to local entrepreneurs and regional development players. The company operates in the Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää and Loviisa region. Cursor’s mission is to help in enhancing the appeal of the region’s companies, and to provide advice in more difficult circumstances. “Our customers are companies facing financial challenges, restructuring or even insolvency. They are in a position in which they really need legal advice.” 

One example of the cooperation with Almgren & Sankamo was the use of service vouchers distributed to companies. Sami Moisio, Cursor Oy’s Business and Entrepreneurship Specialist: ”Our customer had reached a point where one option was restructuring. The assistance that Ville Mielonen gave in this situation resulted in a splendid outcome. He embraced the problem, analysed the situation and set out clear options.” This cooperation has lasted for many years now and has also addressed other issues, not only insolvency. 

Sami Moisio praises Almgren & Sankamo’s practical, down-to-earth approach. “They quickly appraise their client’s issue and get to work on it. Results that address the client’s needs and wishes are rapidly achieved.” He points out that some excellent articles written by Almgren & Sankamo’s lawyers are available online that explain legal topics simply and clearly. “The law firm’s professional expertise is evident from its blogs. If you can’t simplify a subject, you are not so familiar with it.”

Sami Moisio, Business and Entrepreneurship Specialist, Cursor Oy

Dongwha Finland Oy

Dongwha Finland Oy is part of Dongwha Group. The Group’s annual turnover is USD 1 billion and Dongwha is one of the leading wood materials manufacturers in Asia/in the world.

Almgren & Sankamo has prosperously advised us Dongwha Finland Oy in various matters regarding contract law, employment law and corporate law in Finland. We have been highly satisfied with the assistance and would recommend Almgren & Sankamo for similar international companies. They have a well-rounded understanding of the Finnish corporate world and deliver promptly advice of real value.”

Wookhwan Cho, Head of Business Support, Dongwa

Etimine S.A.

Etimine S.A. is part of Etimaden Group. The Group’s annual turnover is USD 820 million and is a world leader in boron production, which is used mainly in glass (among other insulation type fiberglass); ceramic frit, agriculture and detergent industries.

Almgren & Sankamo has successfully advised us Etimine S.A. and Ab Etiproducts Oy in various matters regarding agreements, employment law and corporate law in Finland. Assistance has been delivered promptly and with due care and expertise. We would recommend Almgren & Sankamo for similar international companies.”

Virginie Bataille, HR & Legal Affairs Manager, Etimine S.A.

Kivisampo Oy

“I have only positive things to say about Almgren & Sankamo,” points out Andrey Malkki, General Manager of Kivisampo Oy. “Because our business operations are so wide-ranging, warranty issues can often be challenging. We are a customer-focused company, and we make sure that the tools of all our customers are kept in good condition. With Almgren & Sankamo, we’ve been able to maintain customer relationships and address potential problems professionally, avoiding unnecessary confusion.”

Andrey Malkki, General Manager, Kivisampo Oy

Midare Oy

Almgren & Sankamo have provided legal assistance to Midare relating to contractual issues and debt collection. Midare’s Katri Kauppinen says they found Almgren & Sankamo through the Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ telephone advice service. “We are both Federation members and we came across each other via the advice service’s teams. When I called for advice, Sankamo answered. We received basic service, and we developed trust in their professional expertise. The next time we needed legal assistance, we contacted Almgren & Sankamo directly and became their client.”

Katri Kauppinen, Midare Oy

Spedition Services Ltd (SSL)

Spedition Services Ltd (SSL) is a privately owned specialist logistics services provider, with a focus on challenging markets particularly in Russia, Finland, Central Asia and Eastern Mediterranean.

Almgren & Sankamo has assisted us in various legal issues, such as in transport law,  intellectual property law and contract law. We are satisfied with our cooperation and would recommend their services to other similar companies.

Cormac Tracey, Director Business Strategy, Spedition Services Ltd (SSL)

Arter Oy

Arter Oy is a Finnish software provider and also offers consultancy services. The company offers quality software for enterprise architecture and an integrated management system. Arter has a broad base of customers in multiple sectors.

Almgren & Sankamo has been cooperating with Arter Oy since 2013. Arter has needed legal services in corporate reorganisation, such as mergers and demergers, partnership agreements, in developing and implementing training and services for GDPR data protection, and in contract documents for a corporate acquisition. Arter Oy’s Ossi Ritola comments: “When we sought legal assistance for partnership and ownership arrangements relating to a merger, an email that Jari Sotka wrote on the subject caught our attention. We commissioned other assignments from Almgren & Sankamo based on the excellent service we received from them.”

Ossi Ritola is very impressed with Almgren & Sankamo’s way of working. “They work systematically, with expertise, and they are very experienced in corporate reorganisations and tax affairs.” He recommends Almgren & Sankamo, especially if there is a known need for drafting company foundation documents, partnership agreements, mergers and demergers, and tax notifications of corporate acquisitions. “Jari Sotka, in particular, has insightful solutions for many issues. He is precise in his work, and always puts the client first.”

BBI Group Ltd

BBI Group Ltd provides a wide range of business consultancy services. BBI operates as a partner in strategy development, personnel management, financial management and data-driven management. BBI also develops sales, customer management, marketing and communications. Cooperation with Almgren & Sankamo has been smooth and trouble-free, with a high level of trust between our companies.

BBI Group Ltd’s board chairman Jari Noppa comments on the effective cooperation: “Almgren & Sankamo has handled our legal affairs for about a year, now. We have known Jari Sotka, though, for longer than that and collaborated with him for many years. This has allowed us to form a relationship based on deep trust.”

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