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Construction and real estate law


At Almgren & Sankamo, we will assist you in all matters relating to land usage, construction, and real estate and housing transactions. We will provide you with expert advice on contractual disputes, liability issues, claims and complaints.

Rapid and non-disruptive solutions are needed during a construction project. We defend our client’s interests in disagreements also after construction is completed. A large part of our work is associated with construction, an area in which we have specialised expertise. We have decades of experience in helping clients achieve a successful outcome.


Construction-related legal services

We provide a range of services to our clients in legal proceedings related to construction. Our clients may need assistance in disputes over, for instance, construction quality, schedules or payment obligations. We also draft documents relating to construction and real estate for our clients to use, and we participate in contract negotiations.


Licensing for land usage and construction

Construction and land usage are subject to a multitude of licences and permits. We make sure our clients have proper and valid permissions. We also assist in other real estate matters, such as parcelling and partitioning.


Trouble-free property transactions

At Almgren & Sankamo we make sure that real estate and housing transactions proceed smoothly. We apply our experience to serving our clients in real estate and housing matters, including contractual issues, contract negotiations and dispute resolution.

We regularly represent both buyers and sellers in disputes. We handle each case comprehensively and competently. We thoroughly acquaint ourselves with each assignment to ensure we can promote the client’s interests in the most effective way.


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