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Contract matters


Life is a jungle of contracts – we routinely conclude contracts every day, almost without noticing. Little attention is paid, however, to the actual terms and conditions of the contracts because as consumers we have become accustomed to mass contracts pre-drafted by businesses that allow little room for negotiation. The importance of terms and conditions is not apparent when things are going well, but certainly is when things are not going according to the plan.


Content of contracts

We should all be aware and ensure that at least those agreements that significantly impact our own lives, and whose content we are able to influence, are drafted skilfully and professionally. In practice, this means in written format, although even a written contract can be poorly drafted. For certain agreements, a written contract is also a condition of validity. Although a written contract is not required in law, it is not sensible to rely on a verbal contract if agreeing about a more important matter.


Minimising contractual risks

Contractual risks can be prepared for in advance with carefully drafted agreements. Important agreements for a private individual include at least real estate and housing contracts, rental agreements, prenuptial agreements, deeds of estate distribution, employment contracts, partnership agreements and any written agreements about valuable movable property. We provide our clients with convenient assistance in all matters related to agreements, and we help prevent potential conflicts and disputes in advance.

If things have not been agreed on in writing or in sufficient detail, the outcome of a dispute might be an exceedingly unpleasant surprise. If problems arise, you should seek help from a legal expert without delay to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself. We also help our clients in resolving contractual disputes.


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