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Supporting private persons in legal matters

We provide legal assistance in all kinds of situations. You can turn to us in matters involving housing and real estate transactions, employment contracts and inheritance, as well as custody and child visitation rights. Our services are founded on reliability, expertise and service tailored to the client. 

Our services include:  

Housing and real estate purchases often belong to the most remarkable purchases in an individual’s life. However, different types of flaws and issues might arise after the purchase, which can easily result in huge economical losses. In such situations, we advise you to contact an expert as soon as possible to prevent further damage and additional costs. Our lawyers have special expertise, especially in risk management, drafting complaints and assisting in various negotiations and litigations.
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Changes in family relations and the death of a loved one are significant events for anyone. Our lawyers will support You in all the necessary legal matters, for example, when ending a marriage, writing declarations of estate, and distributing inheritances. You can and should prepare for these things in advance. We help you prepare for major life changes in advance by preparing, for example, wills, certificates, trusteeship credentials, prenups, alimonies, custody and appointment agreements, and other documents needed to manage changing life situations.Additionally, we handle criminal cases, especially cases related to various financial crimes and white-collar crimes.
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Life is a jungle of contracts – we conclude contracts unnoticed every day. An agreement is not always needed when things are going well, but rather when things are not going according to the plan. If things have not been agreed on in writing and in sufficient detail, the outcome of the dispute might be very surprising. In challenging situations, you should seek help from a legal expert to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself. We help with all possible matters related to agreements and help prevent potential conflict situations in advance.

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When claiming damages, special care and preciseness is key. When claiming damages, in addition to proving the occurrence of the damage itself, the causal link between the damage and the act must be proven, along with intent and negligence on the counterpart’s side. Filing claims for damages in court without legal assistance usually leads to an undesirable outcome. We have extensive experience in successful handling of various claims, such as claims assessments, preparation of claims and litigation processes. We assist both individuals and companies.
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Illegal cancellation or termination of employment, insufficient compensation for the period of notice, or chaining of fixed-term employment contracts are examples of real problems many employees might face. Our lawyers will help you reach the best possible result in challenging situations.
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Dispute resolution belongs to our core expertise. As a usual first step, we assist the client in seeking to resolve disputes through negotiations between the parties. In situations where a settlement cannot be reached, the matter may, if necessary, be brought before court. We handle professionally and with due care all the client’s disputes, negotiations, applications, and litigations from the very start to the finish.

Additionally, we handle criminal cases, especially cases related to various financial crimes and white-collar crimes.

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Legal aid and legal expenses insurance

We determine whether you are eligible for legal protection based on insurance or through public legal aid. Legal expenses insurance included in home insurance or other insurance may compensate litigation costs in certain situations such as civil cases, criminal cases and family law issues. If legal aid is granted, the legal costs incurred are reimbursed, in whole or in part, from state funds.

We also provide service in healthcare matters, such as treatment injury issues. 

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