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Housing transaction issues and real estate disputes


Housing and real estate purchases often involve the most important decisions a person makes in his or her lifetime. For this reason, it is well worth taking the right steps in cases of defects or disputes. Almgren & Sankamo is here to support you in taking those steps. To limit the damage in such cases, we advise you to contact our experts without delay.


Housing and real estate transactions

We will apply our expertise to serve you in all matters of housing and real estate transactions, whether it is drafting contracts, engaging in negotiations, or resolving disputes. Our lawyers are highly effective in promoting their client’s interests, from the first claim for refund right through to a settlement or court ruling. We also assist our clients in drafting documents, such as sales contracts.


Real estate and housing disputes

We regularly represent both buyers and sellers in disputes. We always thoroughly acquaint ourselves with each assignment to ensure we can promote the client’s interests in the most effective way.

We always at first examine whether an amicable settlement can be arranged, but if that is not possible we apply our expertise to efficiently representing our client at a court hearing.


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