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Legal proceedings and dispute resolution

At Almgren & Sankamo Oy we have accumulated experience gained over decades of successful pleading in general courts, administrative courts, special courts and arbitration tribunals.

Our goal in disputes is always to achieve the most advantageous outcome from our client’s viewpoint. The best way of doing this is sometimes a negotiated settlement and sometimes by resolutely pleading the client’s case in a court of law.

Dispute resolution

In each assignment we receive, we first examine the case thoroughly and analyse both the risks and our opportunities for a successful outcome in a court of law. Based on this, we propose the propose the best approach and then start to actively represent the client.

Law courts

Law courts are divided into courts of justice, administrative courts and special courts. Courts of justice include the district courts, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. These courts handle civil actions, criminal cases, and non-contentious civil cases. Administrative courts are the regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. Administrative courts hear appeals against decisions by officials and public bodies, and handle administrative disputes. Special courts comprise the Market Court, the Labour Court, and the Insurance Court, each of which handles cases specific to its area of competence.

We have decades of experience of effective and successful pleading in all these courts.


Arbitration is faster and more flexible than courts of justice. Arbitration proceedings are always confidential. The parties to an agreement can include an arbitration clause in it that commits them to resolving any future disputes through arbitration. Our lawyers at Almgren & Sankamo regularly represent our clients in challenging arbitration proceedings. Arbitration clauses are normal and widespread in the corporate world.

Let Almgren & Sankamo’s skilled lawyers handle legal proceedings and dispute resolution on your behalf!

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